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We are sorry to inform you that ZUUQ will be terminating the domain name registration services in the near future.

Existing ZUUQ customer should receive our email notice and domain transfer instruction shortly. Please transfer your domain out of ZUUQ to another domain name service provider. See full list of ICANN accredited registrar here (

Thank you for your businesses! 👋 公告

很抱歉的通知您, ZUUQ將在不久的未來結束服務.

現有的客戶很快地會收到電郵通知以及域名移轉指示說明. 請將您在ZUUQ的域名移轉到另一個域名註冊服務單位. 請見ICANN 認證的註冊商列表 (

謝謝您! 👋

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